I heard that CJM ministries was going to be near my city holding a healing revival meeting and I wanted to go. I called one of my friends and told her that I would drive, we drove there together. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot of the healing meeting, I started to feel this tightness in my throat. This symptom had been harassing me for probably close to two years sporadically and would just start happening all the sudden. When this symptom begins, I have trouble breathing and 2 of the times it happened I had to call 911. I’ve gone to doctors to try to figure out what was happening in the center of my throat in addition to feeling like it’s wrapping around my neck. As I stood there, and worship started for the healing revival, I was talking to God in my head and asking Him to please do something about this because I wanted to hear Chris preach. I wanted to be a part of this meeting, but I also felt like I was about to fall on the ground. I was using the pew in front of me to hold myself up by this point thinking of how to tell my friend that I needed to leave because I was struggling to be able to breathe and felt like I was going to fall down. 

Chris grabs the microphone and says out of his mouth there’s a person in here that is experiencing a symptom in their throat right NOW and then he goes on to describe the exact symptoms that I was experiencing with my throat and the feeling of it wrapping around my neck RIGHT THEN. He said, “If you’re here, I want you to come forward and I want to pray with you.” Honestly, I was reluctant to go forward because I had been believing God for a long time for this symptom to go away and truly, I wanted to keep it between me, and God and I DEFINITELY didn’t want to go up and fall in front of everybody because my body felt like that. But what Chris said was so specific I knew that God wanted me to go up. 

Chris asked me what was wrong I told him honestly, I didn’t know because it had been going on now for quite a long time and it just was the exact symptoms that he had just called out. Chris began speaking the word of God over the situation and then laid his hands on me and prayed for me to be healed. Instantly the pressure in my throat left. I was able to breathe completely freely and the feeling of it wrapping around my neck completely left from that moment that he laid his hands on me and prayed. It was a very overwhelming situation because nobody there knew how long I had suffered with the symptoms, and it was completely GONE and amazing that God used Chris and the gifts of the spirit in operation to call out exactly what I was experiencing and then Jesus completely healed me. 

It has been 6 weeks since his healing meeting and I haven’t felt any symptoms in my throat at all, I can breathe completely free with no problems in my throat and nothing happening around my neck. Thank you, Chris and Courtney, for obeying God. The anointing on your ministry broke the yoke of that symptom attacking my body.

– J.S

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. -Revelation 12:11 (NKJV)

Testimonies from June’s two-week Healing Revival Meeting at:

Living Water Fellowship
New Franklin, Ohio
June 2021

These are a few accounts of how God moved in these services – To Him be All the Glory Forever, In Jesus’ Name! 


The meetings started off so powerfully! On the first night, June 7th, coming out of worship the Lord spoke to my heart as I was taking the pulpit to teach. The Lord said to me on the inside, there was an individual present that has been dealing with thoughts of suicide taking their own life for as long as the last 12 months. I said if this is you the Lord wants to remove that and to come down for prayer. We’ll a young man came down and was set free! Every night the Holy Spirit moved in this way. I will share more below along with others that came in (initialed by the person). -Chris Jacobs


My 32-year-old son, Joshua, has been battling brain cancer for the past year. It’s been a rough year. His wife and I attended the revival with josh and a few other family members. Josh cancer is very aggressive. He did start a clinical trial. I know the chemo has helped. After we attended the revival, his MRI came back with hope. His tumor decreased in size very minimal, that is huge for the cancer he has. Midland diffuse glioma. I believe with all my heart it is the Lord that is with him. Thank you! -J.B.


Testimony!!!! For the last several years I have been dealing with a stomach. For the longest time, I believed it was all stress related. My body did not process foods the way most people’s do. My pancreas was not functioning properly. I could not have any fatty foods, no msg’s, no preservatives, no dairy, and gluten often bothered me too. Basically, if I didn’t make it here at home and check every ingredient that I used it would make me sick. Depending on the foods on the reaction my body would have to it. My belly would swell so much that I looked 7 months pregnant, I would be doubled over in pain and crying, and I didn’t have solid bowel for 6 yrs.

Well on June 11th I wanted pizza, with lots of pepperoni and cheese (all things I couldn’t have previously). The desire for this was so great that I ordered it. Keep in mind that previously eating this would have had me sick for 2 days after. I didn’t care I was willing to take the risk. I ordered a large pepperoni lovers pizza with pepperoni and cheese-filled crust. I went all out!!! I ate 3 pieces and for me, that was basically 3 meals in one sitting. I didn’t care. It tasted so good and the only pain I felt was of fullness. I never got sick, I never experienced swelling in my stomach, I wasn’t sick for 2 days, not even 1 day or 1 hour. Not for 1 second did I feel sick from eating this. I don’t think it really hit me for a few days. I had been so busy with work and attending the revival meeting that I hadn’t had time to prepare my meals. I ate on this pizza a few days and never once got sick, then I went to Taco Bell and never got sick. That’s when it hit me, I have been eating things I hadn’t previously been able to and didn’t get sick. I thought about this for a moment and realized that I hadn’t experienced any abdominal pain or discomfort since the 11th and my bowels have returned to normal. God is so good!!! -K.H.


I came up for healing of a combo of arthritis and fibromyalgia from my neck down to my toes and by His stripes I was healed! Amen. On another night of revival my hands and fingers were healed and set free from pain and locking trigger fingers! Thank you, Father! In Jesus’ name, amen. -J.S.


Hands were laid on me: I heard my knee pop! I walked without my cane. I then fell in the Spirit. When I went back to my seat my knee popped three more times. I Thank God I am healed. -S.C.


I had been so depressed. I lost so many people. A lot was going on with my grandson and my daughter. Then, my father and my uncle passed away. I had so much deep inside that I didn’t realize I had. One night of revival joy came. God took all the pain away. I’m laughing more and smiling more. -A.R.


One evening a woman had a migraine headache who almost didn’t come. Right out of worship the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart to pray for someone who had that very symptom. She came down, I laid hands on her for healing and the Spirit of God overwhelmed her and she went to the ground. She went back to her seat for the rest of the service PAIN FREE! The migraine was completely gone! She had reported this to my dad who was there. (-M.J.) -C.J. 


A gentleman came up during the 2nd week of this revival meeting. He asked for prayer for his hip. I prayed for him and believed God the man was healed. On the last night of the meetings, Friday June 18th, I was walking around, and the Lord was ministering to people. I walked to the back of the sanctuary, and I recognized the man. I asked him how his hip was? He said it was still sore and stiff. His wife leaned over and said his right leg was shorter than his left leg and that was the problem. I had him sit down to look. I had him put his back straight to the back of his chair and stretch both legs out and rest them on my arm. Three others witnessed this, the right leg (bad hip), was at least ¾ of an inch shorter than his left leg. I had him put is left leg down. I held his right heel with my left hand and place my right hand on his shin and then to the top of his foot as I prayed. I commanded that leg to be loosed in the name of Jesus! To grow out and function properly, NOW in Jesus’ name! The gentleman said he felt it move from his hip. I had him place his left foot back up and they were completely even – Glory Be to God Forever, in Jesus’ Name! – C.J.


One woman came to me the First week with a list of needs and just handed it to me. I read them later and prayed over her request as one in agreement with her. One of her needs were finances. I later found out (without telling anyone), that another family attending the meetings gave this woman $1000.00! There were several other that were blessed financially as well. -C.J. 

There are so many more to share and over time we will. Some are more personal and those are stories I will share in services as the Lord leads. Some we have shared through our social media platforms. We send these testimonies for encouragement and to let you know what you are a part of. THE LORD is FAITHFUL, and the church is still doing “The Same Works,” in JESUS’ Name!